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Soy wax candles with wood wicks that require no trimming, housed in clear glass jars with lids.

Available in the following fragrances:
Aloe, Pink Musk & Green Tea (sweet & fresh)
Neroli & Golden Incense (lush & honeyed)
Pear & Jasmine Cream* (creamy & lush)
Tea & Mossy Woods (fresh, sweet, & earthy)
White Ginger & Camellia Blossom (bright & fresh)

Candles are 4 ounces by volume.
Burn time is approximately 22 hours.

Extremely limited quantities.

Shipping out of the USA will require additional postage on a weight and location basis. Please be forewarned.

A few things to note. Please never leave your candle burn unattended. Sometimes these little wicks are finicky at the first light and will extinguish. Simple relight them and they are usually good to go. Some of these wicks make a little crackling "campfire" sound and this is normal. It is not recommended to let your candle burn more than a few hours at a time. Extinguish it and let the wax cool completely.

*This is incredibly similar to the perfume I made of this. However, due to how I had to make the fragrance for a candle, which is different than for a perfume, it is a bit heavier in jasmine for the candle.