25 September 2018

I am so happy that you are here! Opening this boutique (and closing my beloved Blooddrop) was a rather large leap for me!

I know many of you were (are) fervent Blooddrop fans, so I want you to be assured that all the best parts of Blooddrop will be present here; namely the perfumes and the aesthetic. As for changes, I have new perfume bottles and boxes! The bottles are larger than before (now a full 8mls) and I think share a uniqueness that allows my work to stand out a bit more. The boxes are an extra touch that ups their presentation and gifting factor. The boxes also allow me to reduce the amount of plastic that I was using before (baggies and bubblewrap). This is a bonus to our environment and reduces the amount of non-compostable waste produced. I am trying to make changes to reduce the overall amount of waste my business produces. (Baby steps, right?) 

Another exciting change, and this one I am playing by ear to see how it goes as I would like to make it a permanent thing, is to offer free shipping in the United States! No minimums, no coupons. Just straight up free shipping! Orders will be shipped via USPS first class and priority mail.

I am opening the shop with my Autumn & Halloween collection! I didn't want to go overboard with a gigantic collection for the opening because I am still getting used to this shop format and I didn't want to unduly burden myself, so don't be sad if you feel like things seem a little thin compared to your Blooddrop shopping experience. You can certainly expect to see more limited edition collections this season!

I am working on my Permanent collection. I am bringing over some favorites from Blooddrop and will be introducing some new ones as well. I think these will be ready around the 1st of the year.

Bath items will also return down the road. More to be said as I continue to flesh out that line. Froth and Bath Soaks will return for sure, in case you are wondering!

It is my desire with Astrid Perfume to provide you with a precious, unique, whimsical, and thoughtful product while also experiencing an easy and aesthetic shopping experience. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to drop me a line! I am very accessible to my customers. You can reach me at

So excited to be here and just as excited that you are here, too!
Astrid xxoo