The capitalized X is because this collection is about being a woman.
To me, witchcraft is about simply being an empowered woman. Men and the Church have always hated and feared powerful, self-sustaining women. This is why they attributed witches to evil and being cohorts to the Devil in an attempt to control us. This is why they burned and hung witches and deemed witchcraft as an abhorrent entity for fear and control. heXennacht is my celebration and acknowledgement of womanhood. Not all scents are particularly happy. While I created this collection, I was thinking about all the garbage we deal with. There sure is a lot. Men (and often times our selves as well) are just truly horrible towards us. This is my tribute to women and some of what we live.

Perfumes are sold in Italian 8ml glass vials and are boxed.
No samples are available for sale or by request.

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