Citrine Salve

Citrine Salve

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Citrine Salve

Bergamot, verbena, and frankincense for fragrance.
Mango, pumpkin seed, sunflower, and avocado for the skin.

My salves are beeswax-based body butters. They warm under touch and melt while being rubbed into the skin. You cannot rush with a salve. You must slow down and be present while working the nourishing balm into your skin. Salves are ideal for rough, cracked, and coarse skin, but can be used where ever you feel your skin would benefit from extra attention. Consider the salve for ritualistic self-care since it calls for you to apply methodically and patiently. Focus on your breath and need. Set intention while you massage the salve into your (or someone else's) skin.

3.5 ounces.

My salves do not contain any preservatives, so use clean hands to maintain longevity.

Ingredients: Avocado oil, mango butter, sunflower oil, cera bellina wax, pumpkin seed extract, bergamot, frankincense, and verbena.

Cruelty-free, but not vegan as this contains beeswax.