The Sea Witch

Things that I was thinking about when I made the Sea Witch collection...


bed made of urchins

Thorny blackberry, osmanthus, fig, rose, and velvety musk.

I was thinking about how fakirs lay on beds of nails and the imagery of laying on a bed of spikey little sea urchins. They would gently move and undulate beneath you and act as little tiny massage therapists, helping you relax and release stress.

corseted by tentacles

Monoi de Tahiti, sandalwood, sugared cinnamon, pear, bamboo, coconut milk, aloe, tonka, and jasmine.

Back when I was making corsets, I made an octopus corset for a bride to wear under her wedding dress. It was one of the coolest corsets I made. It was a custom printed octopur fabric and I cut out the legs of the octopus to make it appear as if it was wrapping around her. I was reminiscing of this and then imagining having a soft wet waist hug from an actual large cephalopod.

depths that her feet cannot reach

Orange blossom, ozone, gardenia, bergamot, peru balsam, amber, sandalwood, and carrot seed.

I was thinking about how deep the ocean can be. I find it terrifying and fascinating.

ebb & flow

Honeysuckle, frankincense, Argentine lemon, and sage.

Just thinking about waves, the cycles of the moon, and how those things affect us.

her ritual cottage

Soft musk, vanilla, patchouli, tobacco, ylang ylang, blood orange, chili pepper, sea buckthorn, and jasmine.

Almost called this one “Bitch Bungalow.”

knotted & bound

Nautical rope accord, jasmine, vetiver, and vanilla bean.

Was thinking about sirens, about how we are called to the sea and can be so entranced by it. Was also reading about sea lore and spells to assist or cause destruction to sailors with the use of knots.

mangrove swamp

Coconut water, lotus, cardamom, ginger, jasmine, plai, damp wet root accord, black pepper, and sage.

I saw a documentary about mangrove swamps a few years ago on NatGeo and was totally enamored by mangrove swamps. Can you imagine living near one and all the amazing wildlife and energy they have? They are incredible!

perfect & alone

French neroli, thyme, and Seville lavender.

You know you have had those times at the ocean, on the beach where you are alone and, well, it is just utterly perfect. I wanted to make a beautiful scent that celebrated those solitary moments.

sea bones & offerings

Oud, white bone accord, seashell accord, vanilla, driftwood, incense, sugared pale patchouli, and rice flower.

The ocean leaves such precious findings. It turns us into little hoarders, stuffing all sorts of little bits into our pockets and satchels. Not knowing why we do, but knowing that we must do. The why will be answered when the time comes.

seagrass & seahorses

Kelp, grass, hay, ivy, lily, grapefruit, mandarin, blue tansy, and bergamot.

Deep sea landscape, fragile and precious. Kind of thinking about an under water horse farm.

sigils in the sand

Driftwood, sand, stormy ocean accord, tawny incense, neroli, and amyris.

Tracing and making marks in the sand. Spell binding.


Ocean water accord and brine.

In Iceland there is a rift in a lake caused by tectonic plates the that has the most clearest of waters. It is crystalline and the location is beloved by divers. The water is fresh water that is sourced by glaciers. I learned about this spot by a documentary and it has always stuck with me as a very special water place even if it is not oceanic.

summoning from the cliffs

Sea spray accord, ocean water accord, amber, lime, Italian lavender, bergamot mint, and rosemary.

Cliffsides along the sea are a very good place to call out, beckon, or send forth. They are very commanding locations.


Waterlily, pear, quince, aloe, cilantro, green cognac, violet leaf, grapefruit, and waterlogged coffin wood.

Watery tarts.

when the crest of the waves glisten
Watery ozone accord, aloe, kelp accord, sparkling pineapple, tuberose, lemongrass, palma rosa, and palo santo.

You know what I mean. When the tips of the edges of waves brandish sunlight.

wind whipping her hair wildly

Chilly wind accord, sea spray accord, moonflower, lily of the valley, white spruce, and wild spearmint leaves.

There are some places near the ocean that are just always, always windy. Sometimes windier than other times, but still always freaking windy. There’s a place in France where my grandparents had a summer home when my mom was a child. My grandmother sold the house when my grandfather died. I’ve been to the house twice to visit the location and it’s one of those always windy places. And there are crazy tall pine trees that bend and whip in the wind. My mom told me how the wind could sometimes howl and howl there. The house, like many places in France, had a name. This one’s name was in Breton and it translates to House of the Wind. I made this perfume thinking of this place. If I ever win the lottery, well…