Ode to a Crazy Cat Lady

For a long time, I’ve daydreamed about doing a little Crazy Cat Lady collection… there would be Hair Ball on My Pillow, Cat Hair Sweater, Cats & Coffee, Cats & Too Much Wine, My House Smells like a Litter Box, I Stepped in Barf while Barefoot, You Peed in My Favorite Shoes Again… Something in me said that might be going a bit too far? But I still really wanted to do it. And then I started thinking that there are so many different crazy animal ladies out there and none of us is crazy. We just love animals and we’re so passionate about them. Animals enrich our lives in ways that people can’t and do not. We find meaning caring for them in a different way than caring for humans. I don’t know why people make fun of us for being the way we are, but it is a reflection of how they treat others, not how we animal lovers are. We become guardians for animals. We are keepers and caretakers. We make up where others fall short (I.e. animal rescue). We listen to them and do our best to hear them. Sometimes we fall short. It is a constant learning process. But we do it for love and also companionship (with some exceptions to wild life). So while this idea was born out of fun and self-mockery, this really is a celebration of those who are just really into animals. We certainly have our quirks, but we are not crazy. Axo